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We do this because we love it! 

Led by Brian Lock, we are a team of racing and car enthusiasts.  We choose this profession because of our passion for cars, not the paycheck.  You can be confident that if you go racing with us, we will all be having a great time. 

Brian Lock's bio.

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105 Country Estates Terrace, Santa Cruz, CA, United States

Valkyrie Autosport's owners are driven by a passion for racing that's hard to rival.

But NOT just a passion for ultra expensive car builds and trackside support that only a brain surgeon can afford.  For over ten years, coming up pretty much as grassroots as you can imagine, Valkyrie's President Brian Lock has been the underdog for a large portion of his career.  Learning to identify the must haves to run a racecar competitively, Valkyrie can take your next racecar build and get it done on time and on budget.

Experience in US Touring Car Championship, Grand Am Rolex and Continental Challenge, NASA Endurance Championship, Redline Time Attack, and multiple NASA club racing series, Valkyrie has been there.  From the most grassroots of programs to multi-million dollar ventures, Valkyrie has the experience to take you wherever you want to go.

Racing with Valkyrie Autosport, you will catch the contagious enthusiasm we have for racing!

We want to get you to the track on time and on budget.

Over our years in the race industry, we know how projects can get out of control.  We strive to be up front and honest when it comes to discussing your next racecar project to make sure it is in your budget.  There is nothing worse than a half built racecar!


We want to get you on track, PERIOD.

Nothing is more rewarding that seeing a happy customer at a local event.  We won't try to up sell you, but we will be available and flexible to meet whataver needs you have to make that happen.  From full trackside support, to just towing your car there for you.